Skiathos Island Travel informations, discover all about the Greek Island of Skiathos from someone that actually lived on the island

Everything you need to know if you are travelling at the island of Skiathos at Greece...

Why Skiathos?

Because Skiathos could truly be the destination of your dreams. In common with most Greek islands Skiathos enjoys a beautiful climate, blue seas and golden beaches. From the moment you land in Skiathos, you will be made to feel at home. English is widely spoken everywhere, from the most sophisticated places to the most traditional tavernas. The opinion of most tourists who have visited and spent some time on the island is that the feeling of welcome and frienliness extended by the local people makes a stay here especially rewarding and memorable.Skiathos is the smallest but most cosmopolitan island of the Sporades group only two hours away from Volos by ferry.

It is the most developed Sporades Island from the point of view of touristy facilities
and offers good services, infrastructures and organisations. Even if tourism is a recent phenomenon in Skiathos,
it has extended very quickly and the commercialization of the little island
has now almost reached the ones of islands like
Santorini, Corfu, Mykonos and Rhodes.

The island is famous for its beautiful endless
and sandy beaches boarded by dense and verdant pine forest,
coming down to the crystalline waters.

Holidays in Skiathos is ideal for those who love exciting nightlife,
shopping, crowded beaches, great fun and entertainment. For the visitor seeking a traditional
and “Greek” place to enjoy calm holidays, the other Sporades will be a better destination.

Nevertheless, the impressively crowded Skiathos and the heavy touristy atmosphere
creating a scene a bit artificial don’t take away the island’s beauty

picturesque walks, hidden valleys, a few quitter beaches, caves,
sculpting rocks and small coves are the many jewels
one can find in Skiathos if he takes time to explore the island.

How to get to Skiathos.There are up to five flights daily from Athens (45 min.) as well as the numerous| charter flights from northern Europe. Skiathos can be reached by either ferryboat (3 to 4 daily - 3 hours) or by hydrofoil (75 min.) from Volos or Ag. Konstandinos. Fares are almost double those on Cyclades or Dodecanese lines. There are also one or two ferries a week from Kimi (5 hours).